Report on the General Choi cup by Gerard Kelly V Dan.

First of all a great big thanks must go to John Aballah and Shawn Sutton, who put in many long nights getting this tournament ready on time. The tireless work of getting a draw done for a tournament is a thankless task and Mr Abdallah does it very well indeed.

Secondly I would like to give a shout out to Mr Michael McGaw and the IL Shim Bundaberg club for turning up again, in their umpiring whites. They have really taken it upon themselves to show everyone that they have indeed been listening to my requests for this top happen.

DSC00839As we were quite a few umpires short, the day went quite a bit longer than expected, but with the mammoth efforts of Mr Fischer and Mr McGaw, we were able to get through the day! Mrs Harper put in a machine like effort marshalling, corner judging,computer entering etc!!

One of the highlights of my day was getting to patterns judge with Master McPhail!

Overall I feel that the tournament was a success. Do I think we can improve? Of course! There is always room for improvement in all aspects, and we strive constantly to review and implement the changes necessary for us to move forward.

There are too many people to thank individual so THANK YOU TO ALL THAT HELPED ON THE DAY!!!!


Gerard Kelly V Dan

IL Shim umpiring director