Mark Trotter Seminar Gold Coast Feb 2014

Today was hopefully the first of many appearances from a world champion, Mr Mark Trotter from New Zealand. His friendly and fun nature put smiles on the faces of all that attended the seminar. Mr Trotter commanded the attendees with sheer grace, strength and outstanding technique and the way he moved around the mat surprised all with his speed. Small in stature but Sutton wants to fight TrotterTrotter side kickbig on power proving that size doesn’t matter, Mr Trotter’s well traveled experience was strongly felt amongst us all. The passion to share his knowledge could not be stopped, when he requested more time than was scheduled as he wanted to give everyone as many options as possible. His seminar was overheard as being “that was just pleasure and pain in one”, just about sums it up.

TrentI would like to personally thank Mr Trotter for his time and believe that a great friendship has been made.

On behalf of Master Daher, ITF Australia and the clubs of IL Shim International Taekwon-Do, a big thank you.

John Abdallah